Monday, December 21, 2009

With a ho ho ho

Work on the website last week consisted of compiling and contemplating the results received from our leadership team's homework assignment. They were given three tasks to complete and provide input and insight on their experience. Early results indicate that we need to work on the "my account" part of the site to make it work better so plans are now underway.

In the meantime, this blogger has been working on making our library information more visible on Google Maps and ensuring that our information is accurate on Yahoo Local. Should I even be surprised that our information can appear in so many places online? If you heard a vague thunk as you read this, it was my brain exploding as I created yet another username and password in which to manage all of this! Sidenote: read more about openid to see how this might help!

So with a hearty ho ho ho in the hopes that your cookies have been baked for Santa and your stockings have been hung with care, wishing you the merriest of holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Do you need to go on a techno-diet?

A study, How much information do we consume, comes out of the Global Information Industry of the University of California at San Diego. They say that Americans consume 34 gigabytes of information - daily! Excuse me, but that sounds like techno-overload! Granted this is for the year 2008, and it does include tv and radio as part of our information consumption. All in all it says that we consume information about 12 hours daily and 100,000 words per day (either through reading or listening). Think this sounds outrageous?

Offering a quick update on the website, we presented it to our management team here at ALD. They each have a task to perform on the new site and report in. These insights will be gathered and prioritized for to-do's prior to beta launch next month. Look for an update next Monday - I will try to summarize any major findings.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It its December, it must be time for presents!

The website has received an early present - the gift of more movie and music covers! Thanks to sleuths Jill and John for cracking the case. Their investigative work resulted in our being able to harvest many more covers from our vendor due to understanding the import process and where those elusive identifying numbers are located! This is one instance where the new website and its presentation of materials will be more full-bodied than the original catalog will be!

The website will be presented to management this week and plans are being made to roll out to staff next month for their input.

We will continue to hone and polish away!