Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We've Moved In!

After the weeks of being almost there, almost there ~ the database has arrived inhouse. It's sitting on our server getting quite the workout and lots of attention!

We now earnestly roll up our sleeves and begin testing the searches. We input content to see how to do this and how it presents on the site. Among the myriad of things we will need to do is to continue to enter content and check forms and ensure the functions are there before we offer a public peek to you all. Kudos to those of you who continue to read, follow and have immeasurable patience as we go thru this process.

Apologies for the delay in posting this. Monday started off with a bang in terms of things to do for the new website and this blogger never caught up to post til now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

of cider and panda costumes......

tis the season for lots of fall-related recipes ~ hot apple cider, pumpkin in pies or in soups or even in breads and making costumes. yes i still love making costumes even if i have to stuff my kids into them!

besides the leaves swirling and rattling in the streets, we are into the next phase of website work. we've been working our way towards import and marrying the information together into one happy union. as with any and every union, there are pitfalls and ours is no exception. we began testing friday and will use these initial tests as a springboard to moving further down the evolutionary scale of launch.

stay tuned - in the meantime enjoy the weather. you've got to love colorado where you can have hot and cold all in the same week!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Have you found a "sweet spot"?

From the article in Harvard Business Review called Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time* by Tony Schwartz, it discussed the need to maintain one's energy in order to perform optimally. We tend to get sucked up into long hours and long projects. Did you know that our bodies require a break every 90-120 minutes in order to recharge? Look up "ultradian rhythms" or read the article....... It is a good reminder of "things I need to do better" such as checking email less often (no, the world will not fall apart if I don't respond more quickly!) and making conscious decisions on where we want to spend our time and making changes accordingly.

One of the things that hit me in this article was the term "sweet spot" - and not in tennis, either..... it is "feeling effective, effortlessly absorbed, inspired, and fulfilled." The program cited in the article is measuring employee's sweet spots and if they had actually experienced this. I thought back on my work and could actually think of one experience where I hit a "sweet spot" - yea! and even more in my home life (double yea!). But ~ stretching this to the online world ~ wouldn't you think there are websites so good you do not have to put forth extra effort to find what you were looking for? (And it only took me the second paragraph to get to the point!) So here's the challenge - name your "sweet spot" websites ~

P.S. on website work - the birds continue to migrate and so does our data.....

*Following this link will require you to enter your Arapahoe Library District card number in order to access it from our database.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Birds Do It....So Do We

Migrate, that is, migrate regardless of the countless other verbs that may have popped into your head when you read the headline.

We are in the process of migrating the information, the code, the stuff from our developer's server to ours. While I haven't moved in twenty years this feels like a major household move. Packing and unpacking ~ making sure you've gotten to all of the details ~ For this we rely on our inhouse expert, John, to do the unpacking for us.

Meanwhile, we continue to work on some of the backend content and some of the graphics needed for the new site.

With that, welcome October!