Friday, February 25, 2011

End of February Changes to the Website

Exciting changes have been happening with the website!

When you click on Staff Picks in any of the Browse boxes you will now see the page has changed from an alphabetical list by staff pick name to a list of popular genres, age ranges and formats. Thanks go to the Communications Department for the wonderful graphics and to the Alyson and Jill for putting the page together. When you click on an icon you see a presentation of handpicked titles. The Staff Picks page still does have staff names presented, if the staff person has provided a review within the last 60 days.

Look for a new search in Movies – Family Friendly. This list presents G and PG rated movies and was added based on demand.

We hope you enjoy these changes!

Friday, February 18, 2011

February Changes

On the homepage you will see the large story box is or will be by February 22 changed over to a graphics box. The graphics will move in slideshow fashion. Clicking on the graphic will take the user to more content. The smaller box on the home page is now graphics based and clicking on this will take the user to more content, also.

Many of the links have been changed on the Browse pages in Books, Movies, Music, Russian and Spanish. Most of these links are now canned searches instead of feeds from III. We had multiple reasons for making these changes. In the Books, Movies and Music pages we evaluated the use of each link and removed links which were not being well-used. Our other consideration was removing feeds from III where possible in order to improve the performance of the III server.

In the footer under Community, a new link has been added, Patron Survey Results. Here users can find results of the DVD Vending Survey. Other survey results will be populated in this area.

January Changes

Updates made during January to the website include:

1. The navigation formerly entitled Research & Business is now renamed Research & Databases to reflect the database content and navigation found on this page.

2. The OnDemand page has experienced back-end changes. The result is the top carousel contains imags with links to services such as the downloadables. Anytime you see a database in the carousel, it is going to direct you to the list of databases page rather than to the "Connect Now" link. This is due to the library card authentication which is a requirement with most of our electronic products.