Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving Closer

As the month winds down and we can see the start of a new month as we gaze over the week view in Outlook, so also do we move towards finalizing the website. Code is being written to migrate the database inhouse! Stay tuned for next Monday's blog for more updates on website work.

I will change direction and point you towards Arapahoe Library District's presence via Gizapage. There have been a number of online social aggregation or business card sites that have crossed my screen. Intrigued, I created an account which holds most of our online presence. Right now it does not interact with myspace or youtube but I hope these are just temporary! Other sites that I've heard about are, dandyiD and You might want to scope out, as well. No real rhyme or reason for choosing Giza over the others. Take a look and let me know what you think. Would you use something like this? Does it help to have a jumping off point at one place?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainy Day Monday

or I'm glad I picked the cucumbers and beans from my garden yesterday! The cooler weather is a prediction that winter is probably not that far off. As I was enjoying the sun and the warmth yesterday, I could not help but gaze at the large tree in our backyard and wonder if this coming weekend was the start of leaf-raking, apple cider, and pumpkin lattes......

This week's post brings you cheery news to break through the gloomy day. The shopping cart or transaction function is working - a big hip hip hooray to Todd and to John for making this happen. We will continue this week to test the transaction. We will also look at our database to see if all of the records have been loaded. Once we can get these pieces in place it will be marrying it all together on one server and then the real testing begins. We will be running lots of searches to ensure the experience is what you are accustomed to.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this question which has nothing to do with either technology or the website work - what is your favorite fall experience?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Am I littering?

The thought occurs to me that i might be a virtual litterer....... The upstanding citizen that i try to be makes me shiver at the thought of leaving behind litter on the internet. To further explain, i have accounts in twitter, facebook, linkedin and goodreads. I have a presence in worldcat and on amazon and librarything, too. I post photos to flickr and confess to lurking on lots of blogs, posting occasionally. I monitor sites like and to see if and when Arapahoe Library District is discussed (if there are other sites like this that you know of, let me know!)

with all of this activity i feel like i'm leaving pieces of myself all over cyberspace. if anyone followed a trail of online dna, what would they find out about me? does it matter to me? how much does it matter?

studies have shown that we (the royal "we") are caring less about privacy in favor of socializing online. "we" are happy to engage as much online as in person. now there are even websites where you can aggregate the bits and pieces of you into one place (e.g. or dandyid). how comfortable are you? since google can show you what my house looks like, i'm thinking there's not as much left privacy-wise in our lives.

to post an update on website work - we continue progress on loading records and on moving the data to our own server - whereby i will be busily engaged in input and testing - and will have no time for further littering the cyberworld. looking forward to your thoughts.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More, more, more!

More website work, more records loaded, more progress made. It's fitting that this is blogged after Labor Day - normally a day of rest but not for all of us. We continue to make progress on the search function which is almost a "wrap." The checkout process comes next and then we begin the tidying up process to ensure all is working and all content is loaded on the new site. We've even started to talk about a timeline and in the near future, we hope to offer you a live link for your initial peek at the new site!

In the meantime, here's a new twist on reading - the digi-novel. You read the book and engage with the website for value-added information. According to the article you don't have to go online, the book can stand alone as is. And the book? It's called Level 26 - a a crime novel by Anthony Zuiker. Read the book, read the website, write your experience here!