Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you feel the power?

Are there times you long to find articles without having to cull through which are good and which are just bunk? Need just an extra 10 minutes to do laundry instead of culling through your search results? Well, PowerSearch to the rescue!

This feature from Gale (one of our research database vendors) now searches all of its resources (those in which we subscribe to, anyway) at the same time and returns results in one list. So now you can just peruse your search results without having to decide if the article may be of dubious quality or whether it may be coming from second cousin Sue's neighbor who likes to write....... Besides the advantage of entering your search term only once, databases also provide quality resources.

Where can you find this awesome tool? In the dropdown next to the search box on the website! Choose All Gale Databases.

So ~ search away and do laundry, too.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Are you transformed? Transfixed?

More than just providing books and movies on the shelves, more than just the buildings which house the materials and the myriad of staff who are there to help you ~ isn't the entire experience and interaction with your library about being transformed or transfixed?

In my childhood, I was Nancy Drew in the penny loafers and skirt set (no snickering for those of you who can guess my age!). From Nancy I moved onto the high literature of Harlequin romances. To this day, my love of reading propels me from the educational (e.g. Winning Scholarships) to the fascinating (e.g. Pope Joan). I have to admit that listening to Pope Joan was like being in a time machine where I was transported to Europe in 855 and had a front row seat to daily life.

You have been seeing our front page stories which are themed "Libraries transform lives." It can happen in big ways, like literacy, but it can happen in smaller ways, too. Have you been transformed? Transfixed? Share your story here!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Your voice, your words

Yes, the new website carries reviews - your reviews! Follow these 5 easy steps to begin writing reviews on the website. Share your reviews with fellow readers/watchers/listeners!

1. Find any title you would like to review and click on the title.
2. Find the box which says REVIEWS and click on Sign in to write a review.
3. Under the Create an account button provide your email and username.
4. With the email we send you, click the link to establish your password.
5. Now, you should be logged in. Next to the cart it should say Hello + username. When you find a title to review, the link will read Write a review instead of Sign in to write a review.

Want to share your reading/watching/listening list with others? Once you've set up an account you will have a unique user number. The easiest way to find this number is to click on your username. This takes you to a page of everything you have reviewed. Share this unique url with friends and family!

Review often and spread the word!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yellow Means......

back to school, from the #2 pencils we buy to the school buses stopping in our neighborhoods to the school crossing zones which blink yellow lights at all means that our kids are back in school soaking up education.

Are you looking for additional resources to help your child with reading? Look no further than our electronic subscription product, NoveList K-8. With just your library card you have access to a ton of resources! Besides finding book recommendations for your children, you can also find books by Lexile levels or Picture Book Extenders, which can be used as discussion tools for reading comprehension.

Find the More dropdown to locate Picture Book Extenders information. Info about Lexile levels can be found on the right hand side of the page under NoveList Resources.

Happy Back To School!